New Town Reclaimed: Cumiskey Wall Reliefs 2018

New Town Reclaimed: Cumiskey Wall Reliefs 2018


Reclaimed : Sat. 18th Aug. 2018


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Throughout a working day reclamation took place by painting the concrete subway/underpass wall reliefs originally designed by Mike Cumiskey who was resident artist in Skelmersdale from 1966-1976. Four major wall reliefs by Cumiskey were made in 1967 and positioned at pedestrian underpasses on the B5312, Railway Road in Skelmersdale.  These decorated underpasses were to guide workers to their factories and linked Pennylands housing estates to the Gillibrands Industrial Estate.

The physical brutalism of Cumiskey’s underpasses in Skelmersdale are transitional portals that suggest that the new town environment was and is a multi-layered and liminal experience.

new town reclam 4 skelmersdale 2018

new town reclam 5 skelmersdale 2018


ILLUME is an arts project delivered over 2 years, providing co-creative activities around Skelmersdale, producing a series of temporary and permanent public artworks.