Somatic Distortion, Ireland 4th-5th Oct. 2019

Somatic Distortion, Ireland 4th-5th Oct. 2019

Somatic Distortion

Performance Art Event

5th-6th Octiber 2019

Leitram Sculpture Centre

The Glens Centre

Manorhamilton, Leitram , Ireland

A weekend of live performances plus rare performance artists videos.

Including: ‘I’m Yer Mammy’ & ‘Black Wings and Soldiers Things’ by André Stitt.

Somatic Distortion SCB

‘I’m Yer Mammy’

Akshun for video: Black bowler hat, wig, smeared lipstick.

Perverted patriarchal ‘Orangeman’ house warden for children’s home.References child abuse at Kincora Boys Home in Belfast during the Troubles.

The video was also used in a performance at the National Sculpture Factory in Cork, July 2000 entitled ‘Comfort’. For comfort I installed a freestanding cavity wall with a door in the middle. The audience could walk around the wall and view the ‘akshun’ from both sides. I emptied bags of children’s clothing in front of the door creating a mountain of garments. I scrambled over the clothing to see through to see through a small eyehole in the door. The surveillance revealed a TV monitor with a continuous loop of the video.

‘Learning To Fly (Black Wings and Soldiers Things)’

Music video for a track from the album ‘East Poppyfields’ STITT (Dogfingers Records, Texas 2004)

The video features edits of the ‘Comfort’ performance (Cork, 2000) with other clips of performances in the USA and Europe from the same period.

The video was made by for a Polish TV music show and MTV Europe.

The CD album reached number 9 in the Polish indie charts.