New Book: Chemical Thrash & Filth Hungry Ghosts

New Book: Chemical Thrash & Filth Hungry Ghosts

Poems 1977-2020

Chemical Thrash & Filth Hungry Ghosts

Poems 1977-2020

Signed and numbered limited edition of 30

published by kodapress

isbn 978-1-8381626-0-3

available from gallery TEN.

£15.00. + P&P

“One of the few artists that continue to astound me with his utterly fearless attitude”

Cosey Fanni Tutti, artist, writer & industrial-techno music progenitor

“Beatnik smart and punk tough, reading Stitt’s poems made me want to stand naked on my balcony and declaim them to the world!”

Stewart Home, author of ‘Tainted Love & ‘She’s My Witch’

‘André Stitt’s jagged, visceral poems hoist the reader, by turns, through tragedy, turmoil and tenderness, their spiky wit underwritten by a deep humanity. These are songs from the scorched underbelly of unreason, shot through with amazement at being in the world.’

Richard Gwyn, author of The Blue Tent & The Vagabond’s Breakfast

“Muscular weakness, high tensile tenderness, a poetry of infinite sadness ladled out in hallucinogenic variations. And yet the light still shines through. Redemptive words for people who walk a difficult trail from the gutter to the heavens and back.’

Simon Herbert, Screenwriter, critic, and director of ‘Savageland’

During the 2020 Covid pandemic lockdown André Stitt sifted through a large archive box of poems. They were mostly unpublished. He transcribed the poems from a massive pile of paper, some typed, some hand-written.

What emerged was a tracking back through the years revealed as an of intimate autobiography.

Writing poems has always been a constant in the artist’s life and exists as a kind abstract alliance between emotional crisis, raw confession, the celebration of elusive moments, loss and a mediation with dark forces.