André Stitt   +   

Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland 

Akshun 1976-2013


Paint/Install 2008-current

Andre Stitt 'The Lives of Others, 2017 Lego, explanded foam, enamel paint, plywood, H27cm D40cm W40cm



Living In The Material World, Gallery Ten, Cardiff, 2016

14 Secret Masters of the Universe, Flight Gallery, San Antonio, Texas

in the WEST Oriel Myrddin, 2012

SHIFTwork, Curcioprojects, New York, 2009

Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere, MCAC, Portadown, Northern Ireland, 2009

Substance Spacex, Exeter, England 2008

Dingo, Artspace, Sydney, Australia 2007. 

The Institution, Chapter, Cardiff, 2005

Reclamation Chapter, Cardiff 2005

Cargo Cult, Café Gallery Projects, London 2004

The Bedford ProjectBCA, Bedford, 2003

South Of No NorthSirius Art Centre, Cork, Ireland, 2002

Small Time Life, Black Dog Publishing, London 2002. 

Homework, Krash Verlag, Cologne, Germany 2000.


TRACE 00’05, Seren, Wales, 2006. 

TRACE Displaced, Parthian, Wales, 2011.