Performance Art : AKSHUNS 1976-2013.

Over 400 unique performance art Akshuns presented in  autonomous regions, artists initiatives, institutional spaces,  museums, galleries, clubs and sites specific throughout the world.




AKSHUN Archive : Residues and Partial Objects


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                        Performance Art : live work 1976-present

                        Museums, Galleries, Projects, Alternative & artist run spaces,                           Streets, and Sites Specific.


1976                Art Is Not A Mirror, City Centre, Belfast

Ask/Reply, City Centre, Belfast

1977                Boring, City Centre, Belfast & Foundation Dept., Ulster Polytechnic

I.D., Belfast College of Art

Metamorphosis-9, Belfast College of Art

Art Performance, Queens University, Belfast

1978                Just Going Round and Round, City Centre, Belfast

Sound & Vision, office block, City Centre, Belfast

Arrow, City Centre, Belfast

Surveillance :Looking For A Sign, City Centre, Belfast

Art Is Not A Mirror, It’s A Fucking Hammer, City Centre, Belfast

To Kill A Mockingbird, Belfast College of Art

Fuse Matrix, City Centre, Belfast

Body Piece, City Centre, Belfast

1979                The Bun In Granny’s Greenhouse, Belfast College of Art

Snow Matrix, The Mansion, Dunmurry, N. Ireland

R-R-R-Rip, bomb site, Hill St., City Centre, Belfast

Hangin’ Around, Belfast College of Art

The Exhibition Exhibitionists, [w/Anita McCullough]

Belfast College of Art

The Hopeless Roman, The Mansion, Dunmurry

In Transit #1, Belfast College of Art

In Transit #2, The Mansion, Dunmurry

In Transit #3, Blaenau Festiniog, Wales

In Transit #4,  Portsmouth

[Notes] In Transit, Belfast College of Art

Me & My Friend The Cat, The Mansion, Dunmurry

Slug Troops, The Mansion, Dunmurry

Headstones, Belfast College of Art

Love Always  Fails, City Centre, Belfast

Pincers, Belfast College of Art

Piano Piece, The Church, Donegal Pass, Belfast

A.K.A. F/ART, [w/Brian Cunningham] Irish Exhibition of Living art,                                 Bank of Ireland, Dublin

Die Dog Or Shite The License, Belfast College of Art

Too Much Red Tape, Ciity Centre, Belfast

Heretic, City Centre, Belfast

Tableaux, The Church, Belfast

Tattoo, Venus Tattoo Parlour, Belfast

Bomb Scare, City Centre, Belfast

Akshun Man, City Centre, Belfast

Band Stand, Ormeau park, Belfast

Listen, The Church, Belfast

1980                Scars, the Church, Belfast

Beyond Any Recognition, Belfast College of Art

Sandwich Board, City Centre, Belfast

Bleat [Dis-Ease],         The Church, Belfast

Heyoka Akshuns, Project Arts Centre, Dublin

Restrictions, [w/Tara Babel] Belfast College of Art

Ghost Dance, The Church, Belfast

Invitation, The Church, Belfast

Body Piece#2, Derlett St., Belfast

Censored, City Centre, Belfast

Heyoka Subway Akshuns, Events Week, Coventry

Trickster Akshuns, Portsmouth College of Art

Unarmed/Armed, Derlett St., Belfast

Notes to Ye[Singular], Belfast College of art

Swim, Belfast Lough

Bury The Hatchet, Whiteabbey, N. Ireland

Notes To Ye[Plural : The Electrician], [w/Tara Babel], City Centre, Belfast

Soldier, Art & Research Exchange, Belfast

Trickster/Warrior, The Church, Belfast

Abattoir, Derlett St., Belfast

Hoof Grafts, [w/Tara Babel] Derlett St., Belfast

Exiles, Nomads & Vigilanties,  Art & Research Exchange, Belfast

Let the People Rot, Islington Town Hall, London

Strange Personal History…Is Right!, Anti-Nuclear Demonstration,

Hyde Park, London

Body piece#3/Camouflage, Various Locations, London

Targets, Various locations, London

Camouflage Sabotage, Hornsey College of Art, London

1981                Bootsies Boots, Seymour Hill, N. Ireland

Nineteen Fifty Eight, Seymour Hill

Anger, [w/Tara Babel], Exiles Studio, London

Consumers Guide, [w/Tara Babel] Cabaret Futura, London

Hare Today, Exiles Studio, London

Duck Patrol, [w/Tara Babel] Central London

Sensory Deprivation, Exiles Studio, London

Presentation, Leeds Leisurewear, Leeds Polytechnic

The Larynx, Basement Group, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

Hey Brujo, [w/Tara babel] Epping Forrest, Essex

Dogs In Heat, London Film Co-op

Dogz/Duck Patrol, [w/Tara babel], Moonlight Club, London

The Hebephrenic, Finsbury Park Carnival, London

The Hebephrenic, Exiles Studio, London

Food Fer Thought, [w/Tara Babel] Mega Event, Chats Palace, London

Hebe Fire In Head, [w/Tara Babel] Exiles Studio, London

1982                Food Fer Thought/The Hebephrenic [w/Tara Babel] NOW Festival,

Crescent Centre, Belfast

Food Fer Thought/The Hebephrenic [w/Tara Babel] Orchard Gallery,                               Londonderry

V.A.L.I.S. Exiles Studio, London

Hebe Garage Akshuns, Various locations, London

Casting Runes, Exiles Studio, London

The Shadow [Metis-Anima] Exiles studio, London

Little Religions, Middlesex Polytechnic, London

Blood Brother/Blood Sister [w/Tara Babel], Exiles Studio London

Six DegreeMaximum Headroom [ w/Eden Diebel, BMUS & Tara Babel]                            Waterloo Gallery, London

Opium Eater[Dragon] Exiles Studio, London

The Shadow[Ideos-Anima] Exiles Studio, London

Head Hunter, New Forrest, Hampshire, England

Psychometric Recordings, New forrest

Terra Rituals, Exiles Studio, London

Fax & Fikshunz[fact or Fiction?] Middlesex Polytechnic, London

Terra Incognito, 3rd National review of Live art, Nottingham

Terra Inc.,[w/Tara Babel] Zen Abattoir Event, Idiot Ballroom, London

Terra Inc.,[w/Tara babel] Zen Abattoir Event,

London Musicians Collective

1983                Reportage, Visa Video Event, New Regent Club, Brighton

Listen To Me, Expanded Media Show, Sheffield

Dirt Agent Benefactor, The Slammer, London

Quarter Blues Blues, Whittington Hospital, London

Terra Inc.,[w/Tara babel], Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth

Conspiracy [kon-spir-a-si], Live Irish Art, Franklin Furnace, New York

Brooklyn Bridge Akshuns, New York

Concrete[‘os], [w/Tara Babel] Belluard Festival, Fribourg, Switzerland

March Fuckers March, Conciel General, Geneva, Switzerland

The Tourist, West End, London

Tourism[Remote Viewing], A Morality Event, Ealing College, London

Kincora[Violations By Gods Bankers], [w/Paul Bowen]

Air Gallery, London

1984                Kincora [Violations By Gods Bankers], [w/Paul Bowen ]

London Film Co-op

3rd Degree Murder, [w/Tara Babel] Drayton Park Dome, London

Tourism, [w/Tara Babel] Perfo-2 Festival, Rotterdam

Apt-8, Data Cell & Canada house, London

Proceedings, Air Gallery, London

Kincora [Violations By Gods Bankers], [w/Paul Bowen],

Arts Council Gallery, Belfast

Love Crimes, Irish Exhibition of Living Art, Project Centre, Dublin

Fragment-4, Exiles Studio, London

Fragment-4, [w/Paul mackay & sean Fitzgerald], The Fridge, london

The Geek Underground, [w/Paul Mackay & Daniel Wihler]

Covent Garden & London Underground

The Geek [w/Paul Mackay & Daniel Wihler] the Clinker Club, London

Tourizm #2, [w/Tara Babel] Zap Club, Brighton

1985                Short People, Central London

Peep Show, Soho, London

Hot Dog…You Bet!, [w/Paul Mackay & Christine Pinturault]

Exiles Studio, London

Hot Dog, [w/Paul Mackay, Christine Pinturault & Fiona Pang & others]                             NE London Polytechnic

Hot Dog, [w/Paul Mackay, Christine Pinturault, Fiona Pang & others]                              London School of Economics

Satellites, Exiles Studio, London

Wino Man, various locations, London

Paradise Passage, When the Shit Hits the Fan, Whitechapel, London

Love Crimes [pts8-11], London Film Co-op Summer Show

Glamour & The Geek,[w/Tara Babel & Christine Pinturault]

October Gallery, London

Financial Times, London Underground

1986                Night thoughts, Pitt St. Studios, Sheffield

Tory Cowboys, Wimbledon Civic Hall, London

Fugue State Akshuns, Exiles studio, London

S.O.B. Peeping, Contemporary Arts Fair, London

Interiors [We Take The B Out Of Banal], [w/Tara Babel]

Belluard Festival, Fribourg, Switzerland

Disco Daze, Hollywood East, Bern, Switzerland

Touch Me [I Want Your Body], Streets Alive, Sheffield

Fugue States [1-4]

Fugue States [5-8], Live Art Now, Zap Club, Brighton

Fugue States [9-12], 5th Street Theatre, Austin, Texas

Houston Is Hot Tonite, The Orange Show Foundation, Houston, Texas

Fugue States [13-16], Blue Star Gallery, San Antonio, Texas

Finger Lickin’ Good, Kentucky Fried Chicken, various locations,Texas

Geek Feast, Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum, California

1987                No Pope Here On The Freeway[AKA Manhunt West] EDGE,

Air Gallery, London

Mysteries#1, Milton Keynes Exhibition Gallery, Milton Keynes, England

Night Thoughts, Laing art Gallery, Newcastle-Upon-Tyn, England

Mysteries#2, Cambridge Darkroom, Cambridge, England

Night Thoughts, Theatre In The Mill, Bradford, England

Night Thoughts, Cornerhouse Gallery, Manchester, England

Mysteries#3, Darlington Art gallery, Darlington, England

Aquarium, Aniki Bobo, Alternativa-4, Oporto, Portugal

Sharks Teeth, Town Centre, Aveiro, Portugal

Changing Strangers, Jardim da Delicias, Galeria Maria Isabel,

Aveiro, Portugal

1988                Ask Mother, [w/Shaun Caton] Exiles Studio, London

The Last Supper & The Dry Dive, Intervention-4, Cafe de la Danse, Paris

Covert Activities[AKA Red Herrings],  Project Arts Centre, Dublin

Covert Akshuns, Northborough St. Warehouse, London

1989                No Pope Here on The Freeway[AKA Rexall Ranger ]

Commerce St. Artists Warehouse, Houston, Texas

Covert Activities[Hardcore Akshuns/Live Mix] Mexic-Arte, Austin, Texas

Dallas[The Quest For Captain Sad] Club DaDa, Dallas, Texas

Boke Factory [w/Tara babel & Shaun Caton] Zero-One Gallery,

Los Angeles, California

Covert Activities [Hardcore Akshuns/Live Mix] Highways,

Santa Monica, California

Blind Mans Bus, Artists Television Access, San Francisco, California

Geek Love, Club X, London, Channel 4 TV, UK

Network, [w/Jon Held Jnr.]Exiles studio, London

1990                April Fool,Irish Spring, Ulster Fries, De Media, Eeklo, Belgium

Change Is Not a Motel [AKA Baton Rounds] Ideophrenia, Pitt Gallery,                              Vancouver BC, Canada

Baton  Rounds & Butcher Boys, Ward-Nasse Gallery, New York

1991                Cairns [AKA The Past Is Entombed In The Present]EDGE,

The Last Weekend, Alston, Cumbria,  England

Tex-Mex-Hex, El Dia De Los Muertos, studio52, London

Romper Room, Eye To Hand, The Heritage Centre, East End, London

Romper Room [ AKA Did My Friends Have Fun At Play]

Exiles Studio, London

Collages 1984-1991, Exiles Studio, London

1992                Tit Fer Tat/Kill The Kin, Sheffield Media Show, Film Co-op, Sheffield

Hot Dog, Exploding Cinema, London

Local Gods, Shreikback Video, Leyton Crescent, London

1993                Poop Scoop, Woodworks, Spring Gardens, Vauxhall, London

Geek Shop, Woodworks, Vauxhall Underground Station, London

Free Geek, Exploding Cinema, London

Gridlock [AKA Slackers Picnic], Catal Huyak, Houston, Texas

Gridlock [AKA Gang Of One], Club DaDa, Dallas, Texas

Gridlock [AKA I Will Work For Nothing] Electric lounge, Austin, Texas

1994                The Geek [Rest in Peace] Winterschool, Glasgow

Gridlock [AKA Vigilante Man] Violence of the Imagination,

Zap Club, Brighton

Gridlock [AKA Who Wants to Buy Me], 3rd International

Performance Festival, Rotterdam

Fort Port Akshun, Schiedam, Holland

1995                Crow, Cardiff Art In Time, Chapter arts Centre, Cardiff

Crow [Yellow Sky, Yellow Rain], Galerie QQ, Krakow, Poland

Scrubbing Skin, Nowa Huta, poland

Floating Skin, Birkenau, Poland

1996                Second Skin, Cardiff Art in Time

Second Skin [Behind The Mask] NIPAF, Japan Foundation Forum, Tokyo

Second Skin [Other Stories] NIPAF,  Workers Prefectural Hall, Nagano

Threshold, Circa Office At Night, Belfast

Second Skin [Inquisition], Project Arts Centre, Dublin

Speak To Me Of My True Names, FIX, Catalyst Arts, Belfast

The Secret Place, Castle of Imagination, Bytow , Poland

Shelter, Smolinski National Park, Baltic region, Poland

Slip Inside This House,  Baltic Arts Centre, Ustka, Poland

Europe Endless, AnnArt 7, Lake ST. Annes, Transyvania, Romania

Stalker/Deadhead, Smolinski National Park, Baltic, Poland

Skin/Exiles/Nomads, North London University

Second Skin [Final Solution], ASA Performance Konference,

Köln, Germany

Ceasefire [Make Sure You Have Bread On The Table]

Rencontre internationale, Le Lieu, Quebec

Ceasefire [The Ties That Bind Us], Cinecycle, Toronto

1997                Eat Your Words, Exiles Studio, London

God Is Sexy, Broadway, New York

Heal Yourself, Wig Club, Baltimore

East [Workhorse], Wong Spot, San Antonio, Texas

Burnt Ta Fuck, Amorph!, Tampere International Theatre Festival,                                       Tampere, Finland

Toxic, Inner Arts, Fire Station Studios, Dublin

Harvest [24 hour akshun] [w/Kate Ellis & Catherine Waller],

Fort Sztuki, Krakow, Poland

Harvest [For The Children] [w/Kate Ellis & Catherine Waller]

Transart , Nova Zamky, Slovakia

Harvest [Sweep The Garden, Any Size], [Kate Ellis & Catherine Waller]

Artpool P-60 Gallery, Budapest

At Climax, Rootless, HTBA, Ferrans Gallery Hull, England

Communion, UKS, Oslo, Norway

Respect, UNESCO Art Hansa, Koln, Germany

Autumn Perennial, Maschinhaus Zech Carl, Essen, Germany

Winter Light, Kunstraum, Dusseldorf, Germany

Winter Light, Kunstfabrik Tor1, Koln, Germany

Sweet Surrender, Kunstlerhaus, Dortmund, Germany

1998                I Love You, Sub Versions, Nottingham

The Woman Who Fell To Earth, The Medium Is Not The Message,

Red Gallery, Hull

Substance [AKA The Enemy], Intermedia, Cork, Ireland

Heart Like A Wheel, NIPAF Asian Series, Nagoya, Japan

You Only Live Twice,  Kid Ailack Art Hall, Tokyo

A I Shi Ma Shu [w/Maya Wagatsuma] NIPAF Summer School,

Izna Heights, Nagano

To Say Goodbye, Neon Hall, Nagano

Perimeter, Heathrow airport, London

Free Food, Tooting Broadway, London , Channel 4 TV, UK

Killing Time, Streetworks, Glasgow

Substance [Living In Two Worlds], Ex-Teresa, Mexico City

Nature Is Perverse [The Envoy], New Modern Museum,

Stockholm, Sweden

The Envoy, Stadtgalerie, Bern, Switzerland

1999                Learning To Fly,  CAT  Show, Cardiff

O, To Be In England, A Year of Sundays, Dartington Village Hall,

Devon, England

The Occupation, Polysoneries, Lyon, France

The Colony, Infusion, Limerick, Ireland

Once Bitten, Twice Shy, InterAction, London

Witness, PS1 Contemporary Art Museum, New York

Where The Grass Is Greener, Amorph!, Box Forum Gallery, Helsinki

Stranded, Turku Academy of Art, Turku, Finland

Resistance, PFO, Odense, Denmark

Penance, Sandomeiz Castle Museum, Sandomierz, Poland

Promises OF Paradise, Art Trail, Guys Building, Cork

The Elements, Art Surgery, Newlyn Gallery, Cornwall

Enlightenment, Art Surgery, Newlyn Gallery, Cornwall

2000                Innocence, Full Nelson III,  Powderkeg, Seattle, USA

Conviction, Cathedral Quarter Festival, Belfast

Detention,Interakcje 2000, Piotrow Trybunakski,Poland

Convention, Dolnoslaski Festival Sztuki, Wroclaw, Poland

Comfort, National Sculpture Fcatory, Cork

Honour,British Performance Art Show, Koln, Germany

Sacrifice End of Milleneum,Bergen, Norway

Dolphins, National Museum of Wales, Cardiff

2001                Homework, Le Lieu, Quebec, Canada

Legends of the Evergreen Coast, Western Front, Vancouver, Canada

Evidence, Open Space, Victoria, BC, Canada

2002                Arguments For The City,Chapter Arts Centre & Public sites – Cardiff

The Informers/guru.Guru, Nippon International perforance Festival,                                Tokyo, Kyoto, Nagano, Japan

Guru, Guru, 12-12 Live Web Cast – Cardiff

The Soft Parade, Full Nelson, Los Angeles

The Glamour Trail, Burning Bush 2 – Dundee, Scotland

Trouble In Paradise, Streetlevel, s’Hertogenbosch, Holland

Eugenics, Arvika Rock festival, Sweden

Bouldering, Roches Point Lighthouse, Cork, Ireland

Civil Twilight/Humament, [w/Roddy Hunter],Zone East,

Timisoara, Romania

Civil Twilight/Humament, [w/Roddy Hunter],

Transart Communication, Nove Zamky, Slovakia

Atomized [Outside], Stockholm, Sweden

Atomized [Inside], Fylkingen, Stockholm, Sweden

Europa, FIX, Europa Hotel, Belfast

2003                The Bedford Project : various locations, Bedford, England

The Italian Job Bedford, England

I Love You Bedford, England

Pilgrim Bedford, England

White Trash Curry Kick Bedford, England

Missing Bedford, England

The Tweed Man Bedford, England

Orgone Accumulator Bedford, England

Forest Bedford, England

The Panacea Society Bedford, England

I Love You, Tactile Bosche, Cardiff

Pilgrim II, Brrr, Oporto, Portugal

Haunted, City Arts Centre, Dublin, Ireland

SNUFF I , Hall Street Gallery,- Portland, Oregon, USA

SNUFF II, Waterloo Arts Centre,  Cedar Valley

Performance Art Series, Iowa, USA

Lemon Bloody Cola, Arab Israeli Museum,  Tel Aviv, Israel

2004                Brothers of charity , Currency, Exit Arts, New York City, USA

The Boys Room, House Project, Cardiff

Made In China, DaDoa Live Art, Beijing, China

Close Encounters, EPAF, Lublin Cultural Centre, Poland

The Omen, EMAF, Odzaki, Serbia

RHWNT, Wales-Quebec Exchange, Le Lieu Centre en Art Actuel,

Quebec City, Canada

Easter, Experimentica, Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff

Dissappeared, Huesca Arts Festival, Spain

I Love You, Scope and Frieze Art Fair, Regents Park London

2005                A Vague Demonstration Of Trembling, SMFA, Boston, USA

I Love You, Scope, New York

The Institution,  Chapter Art Gallery, Cardiff

MTV, [w/Matt Cook] Art Action,  Monza l, Italy

I Love You, 51st Venice Biennale, Italy

Ti Amo, Reaction, Maestre, Italy

Nostalgia, Baltic Art Centre, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

Of Contradiction, Trace Residency, 798 Factory, Beijing, PR China

Re-Direksyon’05, Manilla, Phillippines

Missing, Galerie Animal, Santiago, Chile

Missing ll, Valparaiso, Chile

Love, Greed & Culture, Cork European City of Culture

2006              Drawing Centre , New York

Accione , Madrid Centre of Culture, Spain

Neutral Ground Gallery, Regina, Canada

National Eisteddfod, Wales

2007                National Review of Live Art, Glasgow

British School in Rome

‘Dingo’, Artspace, Sydney , Australia

‘Ghost of C-Town’ Campbellltown Art Centre, Sydney, Australia

‘Smile’ Hiroshima Art Project, Japan

Contemporary Art Centre, Warsaw, Poland

2008                  Trace Displaced, Trace Collective NRLA, Tramway, Glasgow

Gwaith, Trace Collective, National Eisteddfod, Cardiff

Is This A Political Act?, Asiatopia, Bangkok Art & Culture Centre

2009                  ShiftWork, w/Fritz Welch, The Lab, New York

Post-Gutai-Cluster-Fuck, 5th World Ceramics Biennale, Icheon, Korea

Big Pinko, [w/Tony Schwensen] Minto, Campbelltown, Australia

Looking For Brett, Sydney, Canberra & Thirroul, Australia

Post-Eternity, Sydney, Australia

Post-Colonial-Cluster-Fuck, Trace Collective, Artspace, Sydney

In Patagonia, Centre for Contemporary Art, Geneva, Switzerland

2010                Post-Historical-Cluster-Fuck, National Review of Live Art, Glasgow

2011                Amnesia, Substation, Singapore

Triple AAA, [Stitt, MacLenna, Hall] Dunedin School of Art Gallery,

New Zealand

Spectral Arc/Vanishing Point, [w/Alastair MacLennan]

St Paul St. Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand

Amnesia, Experimentica, Chapter, Cardiff

2012                   Friktion, Upsala Museum, Stockholm, Sweden

2013                   Triple AAA, Catalyst Arts, Belfast

2018-19           Reclaiming the New Town, Illume, Skelmersdale, Lancashire, England

2019-20           Etching the New Town: Cwmbran, Wales, Cumbernauld, Scotland,                                     Craigavon, Northern Ireland, Harlow, England, Stevenage, England,                                   Skelmersdale, England, Peterlee, England and Milton Keynes, England.